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If you have content suitable for this library and either created the work yourself or it’s in the Public Domain, please contact me. You can do a great service to researchers and tool enthusiasts by having your document scanned or photographed.

  • Known Catalogs: A (very incomplete) list of my known/seen catalog editions for many manufacturers.
  • Publication Holdings: **Under heavy construction** List of reference material I have stored in physical and digital formats, plus links to online copies where available.

My provided Resources:



  • fray_1911_thumb Fray Catalogue No. 26, 1911 (~3.7 MB) This is from a 1990′s reprint by ATTIC. The copy was very dark and had bleed-through. It is out-of-print. If you have an original please contact me.















Resources from or hosted by others:

Stanley Educational Posters

These are from a series of posters provided by the Stanley (England) Educational Department.

Page 1 (Striking Tools) Page 2 (Planes)

Page 3 (Shoulders) Page 4 (Screwdrivers)

Page 5 (Hinges) Page 6 (Preparation)

Page 7 (Frame Construction 1) Page 8 (Frame Construction 2)

Page 9 (Carcase Construction 1) Page 10 (Carcase Construction 2)

Page 11 (Plane Adj. & Parts) Page 12 (Cutter Maintenance)

Page 13 (Chisel Safety) Page 14 (Screwdriver Safety)

Page 15 (Hammer Safety) Page 16 (Saws 1)

Page 17 (Saws 2)

Saws (Similar to Pages 16 & 17)

Securing Wood