W.I. Horn Research & Documents

Establishing a timeline:

First, we have working dates and locations by several Sheffield directory listings[ref]Sheffield Indexers | Link[/ref]:

Horn, William (, Ibbotson & Co. steel file, saw, edge tool, scythe, fender & cutlery manufac).
Residing at 18 Bridge Street and Wisewood; h. Pitsmoor, in 1833.
Recorded in: Whites History & Directory of Sheffield – 1833.

Horn, Wm. Ibbotson (, mert. & mfr.).
Residing at Wisewood house, Pye Bank, works Bridge st., in 1841.
Recorded in: Henry & Thos. Rodgers Sheff & Roth Directory – 1841.

Horn, William of Pye Bank, West Grove, Sheffield Brightside. Aged 30 years. (From 1841 Census[ref]Sheffield Indexers | Link[/ref])

Horn, William Ibbotson & Co (, iron agents).
Residing at 18 Bridge Street, Sheffield in 1846.
Recorded in: Slaters 1846 Directory, Sheffield.

Horn, William Ibbotson & Co (, Merchant(s), factor(s) and manufacturer(s)).
Residing at Bridge Street and Wisewood Works, Sheffield in 1846.
Recorded in: Slaters 1846 Directory, Sheffield.

Horn, William Ibbotson & Co. (, Edge tool maker(s)).
Residing at 65 Bridge Street & Wisewood Works, Sheffield in 1846.
Recorded in: Slaters 1846 Directory, Sheffield.

Horn, William Ibbotson & Co. (, Fender Manufacturer(s)).
Residing at Bridge Street and Wisewood Works, Sheffield in 1846.
Recorded in: Slaters 1846 Directory, Sheffield.

Horn, William Ibbotson & Co. (, File Manufacturer(s)).
Residing at 65 Bridge Street & Wisewood Works, Sheffield in 1846.
Recorded in: Slaters 1846 Directory, Sheffield.

Horn, W. I. (, merct.).
Residing at Carwood, Grimesthorpe Road, in 1871.
Recorded in: White’s Sheffield & Dist. directory 1871.

Horn, William I.& Co (, Tilters & Rollers).
Residing at Wisewood Iron & Steel Works, Wadsley, in 1871.
Recorded in: Whites Sheffield & District Directory – 1871.

Next, we have his burial record[ref]Sheffield Indexers | Link[/ref]:

HORN, William Ibbotson (Cutlery Merchant, age 65).
Died at Grimesthorpe Road; Buried on January 10, 1873 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 2, Section D3 of Burngreave Cemetery, Sheffield.
Plot Owner: W. I. Horn’s Executor of Grimesthorpe Road.

This is the ‘Estate Notice’:[ref] The London Gazette, May 23, 1873, pp. 2565[/ref]

WILLIAM IBBOTSON HORN, Deceased. Pursuant to an Act of Parliament passed in the 22nd and 23rd years of the reign of Her present Majesty, Queen Victoria, entitled ” An Act to further amend the Law of Property, and to relieve Trustees.” NOTICE is hereby given, that all creditors and other persons having any claim or demand upon or against the estate of William Ibbotson Horn, late of Bridge-street and Carrwood, Sheffield, in the county of York, File and Steel Manufacturer, deceased (who died on the 3rd day of January, 1873, and whose will was proved in the Principal Registry of Her Majesty’s Court of Probate, on the 8th day of February, 1873. by Peter Hardy, Edward Firth, and James Anatey (Anstey, Ansley?) Wild, the executors named in the said will), are hereby required to send in the particulars of their claims and demands to the said executors, at the office of the undersigned, Messrs. Wild, Barber, and Browne, 10.}, Ironmonger-lane, Cheapside, in the city of London, E.C., on or before the 24th day of June next, after which day the assets of the said W. I. Horn will be distributed among the parties entitled thereto, regard being had only to those claims and demands of which the said executors shall have had notice; and that the said executors will not be liable for the assets of the deceased, or any part thereof, to any person whose claim or demand they shall not then have had notice. —Dated this 19th day of May, 1873.

Biographical Sketch

I was able to find out a bit of Horn’s early life. He was born to Joseph and Mary Horn in 1808[ref]Family Search | Link[/ref]. The birth year perfectly matches his burial record shown above. I also believe this is the J. Horn and Mary Ibbotson named in this Greaves family tree.[ref]Baptism of Mary Ibbotson to William Ibbotson (Link) in Bradfield [historic maps show Bradfield within 6 miles of Sheffield, Bradfield had St. Nicholas Church since the 1400s or earlier], Marriage of William Ibbosson and Hannah Brownhill (Link) in Sheffield, where the Greaves pedigree attributes the spouse to be from, Hannah would of been from Hathersedge, itself within 8 miles of Sheffield and Bradfield. The whole pedigree starts in Greenhill/Norton which is only a few miles S. of the locations above.[/ref] If so William Horn would be related to the families of several other prominent Sheffield tool makers.

Name: William Ibbetson Horn
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 03 May 1808
Christening Place: St. James, Westminster, Middlesex, England
Birth Date: 06 Apr 1808
Father’s Name: Joseph Horn
Mother’s Name: Mary

If he was part of that family, it also shows his father as having remarried, but no explanation of when or why is given. I’m reaching a little, but an 1820 record shows a Joseph Horn, widowed, marrying a Martha Lomas[ref]Family Search | Link[/ref]. If this record applies, it explains how William could have ended up back in the Sheffield area with his mother’s family. It is very probable he had an older brother, Joseph Holland Horn, born 1801[ref]Family Search | Link[/ref].

I have been able to find little about his middle life, save for the directory entries and the flood documents covered later. One of the few things I could find show him as an executor to a local estate:

…the estate of Benjamin Siddon, late of Wisewood,
in the parish of Ecclesfield, in the county of York, Boot and
Shoe Maker, deceased (who died on the 6th day of November,
1865), probate of whose will was granted by the
District Registry at Wakefield attached to Her Majesty’s
Court of Probate, on the 24th day of January, 1866. to
“William Ibbotson Horn, James Siddons, and Mark Thomas
Hubie (the executors therein named)

A bit more of his character comes out in a rather unusual place, a Christmas Poem:


“Eheu fugaces, Postume, Postume Labuntur anni.”-Horace.

‘Heu fugaces! how they fly,

How the whirling years go by!

Christmas days succeed so fast,

We can scarce recall the past,

Or remember how we spent

Each one as it came and went;

Who the dear companions were

Sitting by us year by year,

As we gather’d round the board

Laden with its festive hoard,

And together quaff’d the wine

In the days of “auld lang syne.”

Now as Christmas comes again,

And amid the hosts of slain,

We are spared another year,

To participate its cheer,-

*The Sheffield worthies alluded to in these Remembrances, who had passed away during this year, were John Holland, the well-known Poet; William Lockwood, Chairman of the Sheffield Gas Company, and of the Sheffield and Rotherham Bank, and noted fisherman; William Ibbotson Horn, an opulent bachelor, who left about £20,000 of legacies to the public charities; Sounes, Principal of the School of Art; Miss Harrison, the church philanthropist; the Rev. W. Mercer, Incumbent of St. George’s, and compiler of Mercer’s Hymn Book; Dr. Sale, Vicar of Sheffield and Canon of York; and Mrs. Alfred Gatty, editor of ” Aunt Judy’s Magazine.”

The important part is in the footnote, where Horn is described as an opulent bachelor and leaving quite a fortune to charities. Converted to today’s money that is ~1,900,000 GBP or ~$3,050,000 US. Apparently he was doing pretty well.


Fully tracking down mid-1800s business interactions is difficult. I was expecting to have little else to go on but the index records already mentioned. Luckily (for me, the researcher) Horn’s businesses were in operation during the Great Sheffield Flood. Anyone whom wishes to do research on Sheffield manufacturing must pour through the wonderful documents in the Sheffield Flood Claims Archive. The flood occurred in spring 1864, really the heyday of Sheffield toolmakers. The flood was caused by an engineering oversight during the construction of a dam and the builders were found liable. Therefore everyone affected had to put in detailed claims for damage and replacement of property as well as lost productivity. This led to very detailed descriptions of each factory and rough number of employees. Cross referencing the different claims, locations and claimants reveals complex relationships in the Sheffield manufacturing community.

This is the primary claim which details the Work’s inventory. I will explain later the different locations mentioned here, but please note that the Wisewood Works and Bridge Street (works) are geographically distant from one another.

No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant
5428 William Ibbotson Horn Merchant and Manufacturer Bridge Street, Sheffield
Nature of Claimant’s Interest Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed
Lessee and Occupier of Wisewood Works and Land and Business Adjoining; Owner of Bridge Steel Works, Bridge Street, Sheffield; Owner of the personal property in the next ~ column Mentioned to have been damaged or destroyed Estimated Cost of rebuilding and restoring the Wisewood Works and of restoring and putting into Working order the Machinery Thereof as per Schedule adjoining.
Rod and Sheet Mill.
Rebuilding Rod and Sheet Mill, 1 Pentrough for Water Wheel with shuttle. Shuttle Pole and Lever. 2 Breast Shuttles in Pentrough. Water Wheel repairing. Forbear with iron grate Bars and Nails. 1 Pinion for Steel Roll. 2 Pinion Taps. 4 Bolts. 4 Chocks. 6 Brasses. 4 Stretching Bolts for housings. Wood Sills for Rolls and Pinions. Ashlar Wall for same, 2 Bed Plates, 2 Cramps for Pillars, 2 Large Spanners for Sheet rolls. 4 Small Spanners. 1 Loft Bole for Sheets. 3 Brass Pillar Boxes. 5 Spindles. 9 Coupling Boxes. 1 Pair Crabs. 1 Sheet Furnace with Metal Plate. Grate Bars, Damper, and Iron Work for Chimney. Labour in fitting up Machinery and Ashlar foundation included. £811 8s 10d
Rod Mill.
Replacing 1 Furnace with Metal Plates. Grate Bars Damper etc. as above. 1 Pinion Housing. 6 housing Screws. 6 Spanners for housings. 12 Front and Back plates for housings. Water piping for Roll Necks with taps etc. Floorplates. Fitting pinion housing and roll plates. £187 4s
Scythe Back Mill.
Rebuilding Mill. 1 Furnace with Metal plates, Grate Bars, Damper etc. as above. Shafts and Coupling Boxes. £368
Smiths Shop. £20
Rebuilding Tilt. 2 Steel houses. Water house and Helve House. 1 Tilt Hearth. 1 Pentrough with Shuttle. Lever and Pole. 2 Breast Shuttles. Forbear with Iron Grate. 1 Pair New Blowers Complete. 1 Metal drum to drive Complete. Water Wheel and Machinery. £808 16s 6d
2 Breast Shutters top of dam and Bye Shuttle. Iron Forge and Office. Estimate for Rebuilding. £273
Top Forge
Rebuilding Forge, 2 Forge hearths repairing Pentrough. 1 New Shuttle Lever and Pole. 2 Breast Shuttles in Pentrough. Pentrough Blowers and Conducting pipe to Water Wheel. 1 Bearer and Pillar. Blower Cleaning and Repairing. 1 Pair Shuttles and pinions. 2 Shuttles for Weir and Metal Plates. Screws and Wheels. Handles etc. Forge Fire and floorplates and Bye Shuttle. £889 7s
Grinding Wheel.
Rebuilding Wheel. 1 Pentrough with Shuttle Lever and Pole. 2 Breast Shuttles to do. Forbear for Forge and Wheel. 2 Gig drums Repairing. 51 feet of 3 Inch Shafting. 6 Pedestals and Brasses. 6 Bed Plates. 9 drums. Drums Covering. Bolts and Wood Sills. Drum Boarding. 4 Saw Grinders troughs. Oak planking for troughs. 8 Trough Bars. Brick Work for troughs. 4 File troughs and Wood Sills. 8 Trough Bars. 8 Gains. 16 Bolts. Sill Boarding. Scantling for Hand Rail. 3 Leather Bands. Fitting and putting to Work. £573 7s
Glass Wheel.
Drums and Shafting Repairing £10
One Weir with Ashlar Work. One Forge and Grinding Wheel dam. Making and Cleaning out Forge and Grinding Wheel dam. One tilt and Rolling Mill dam as above. Tail Goit and Bye Dyke Cleaning out. £1345 11s 2d
Estimated Cost of restoring the River Loxley, to its proper channel, in its entire course along the Wise Wood Works and Land held Herewith. Cleaning bed. Making necessary embankments. Walling etc. £1600
Estimated Cost of Reclaiming 6 Acres of cultivated Land, adjoining Wise Wood Works Washed away etc. £450
Estimated cost of rebuilding 5 Cottages, at Malin Bridge occupied with the said Works and reclaiming Land. £375
Estimated Cost of Replacing Rolls. Pinions. Grate Bars. Coupling Boxes. Screws. Spindles. Anvils. Pellets. Hammer Heads and Hammers. Hursts. Hooks. Tups. Helves. Cogs and Shocks. Tongs. Models. Moulds. Marks. Iron Steel and Wood Wedges. Boxes and Side Boards. Screws and Plates. Pulleys. Housings. Spanners. Gablocks. Glaziers. Bands. Grindstones. Blast pipes. Tue Irons. Bolts and other Miscellaneous Articles and tools used in the tilt Rolling Mill Forge and Grinding Wheel at Wisewood Washed away or damaged by the Inundation. £1000
Steel at Wisewood Works washed away or damaged. £200
Loss of Rent. £290
Payments to Book Keeper Forgeman Tilters Rollers and Grinders thrown out of employment by reason of the Inundation at Wisewood Works. £120
Loss and Injury to trade, and trade connexions, and profits, at Wisewood and cost of maintaining an unproductive establishment. £1300
Cost of Cleansing and restoring Bridge Street Works and Soughs £60
Oil and Tallow carried away or damaged by the flood Bridge Street. £25
Restoring of Hardening and Converting Furnaces Bridge Street. £25
Drug and Cart Cover carried away by the flood Bridge Street. £12
House Furniture damaged or destroyed Bridge Street. £9
Damage done to Stock in trade Bridge Street £20
Loss caused by the Stoppage of Bridge Street Works during the Cleaning, and payment to Men £50
Valuers Charge for Estimate, of damage done, to Wise Wood Works £26 3s
£10848 17s 6d
Certificate Granted
13 July 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £8750
Assessed by Agreement at £8750.0.0 including £50 for Costs

The next claim is for damages to the Union Grinding Wheel a facility for all sorts of grinding, a few hundred yards away from the Bridge Street works.

No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant
 3868 John Booth, Alfred Beckett, Robert Cocking, John S. Charlton, Sydney Jessop, William Ibbotson Horne, Thomas Smith, William Hardcastle, Knowlton Wilson, John Wragg, William Stratford, Joseph Jackson, John Haslam, Joseph H. Dixon John Booth, Gentleman
Alfred Beckett, Saw Manufacturer
Robert Cocking, Cabinet Maker
John S. Charlton, Silver Smith
Sydney Jessop, Steel Merchant
William Ibbotson Horne, Merchant
Thomas Smith, Assistant Overseer
William Hardcastle, Clerk
Knowlton Wilson, Surgeon
John Wragg, Grinder
William Stratford, Silver Plater
Joseph Jackson, Grinder
John Haslam, Merchant
Joseph H. Dixon, Silver Refiner
130 Barker Pool at the Office of T. J. Cocking
Nature of Claimant’s Interest Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed
Trustees of the Union Grinding Wheel Money paid by Thomas Bray for Wages for Cleaning at the Union Grinding Wheel
[Allowance] [Workers Name] [Wage]
£0.0.7 Thomas Hemmings £0.7.0
Joseph Moor £0.4.0
John Dyson £0.4.0
George Tyas £0.4.0
John Moor £0.4.0
Padock £0.4.0
£0.0.4 Hibbert £0.4.0
£0.0.6 Dyson £0.6.0
£0.0.5 Braithwaite £0.5.0
£0.0.7 Hurst £0.7.0
£0.0.2 Issac Booth £0.2.0
£0.0.11 Bradshaw £0.11.0
£0.0.11 Jackson £0.11.0
£0.0.3 Braithwaite £0.3.0
£0.0.11 James Hall £0.11.0
£0.0.8 Eli Ellis £0.8.0
£0.0.4 George Skinner £0.4.0
£0.0.7 John Moor £0.7.0
£0.1.0 Enoch Smith £0.12.0
£0.1.0 Alfred Wilson £0.12.0
£0.0.10 Thomas Shaw £0.10.0
[Sub total] £0.10.0 [Sub total] £7.0.0
£0.0.1 Robert Clack £0.1.0
£0.0.3 Joseph Smith £0.3.0
£0.0.10 Joseph Downing £0.10.0
£0.0.6 John Wood £0.6.0
£0.0.4 George Haywood £0.4.0
£0.0.7 William Wallace £0.7.0
£0.0.7 John Wright £0.7.0
£0.0.5 Henry Longden £0.5.0
£0.0.4 William Bisby £0.4.0
£0.0.1 Samuel Wright £0.1.0
£0.1.4 Hilder Pigott £0.4.0
£0.0.4 Samuel Tyas £0.16.0
£0.1.11 George Tyas £0.4.0
£0.1.11 George Colley 5¾ £1.3.0
£0.1.10 John Pryor £1.2.0
£0.0.8 Richard Wate £1.3.0
£0.1.6 Joseph Smith £0.8.0
£0.1.4 John Pigott £0.18.0
£0.0.4 Joseph Bray £0.16.0
£0.2.6 Thomas Bray £1.10.0
William Harper £0.2.0
Wages £10.14.0 Allowance £0.17.8
[+] Wages £7.0.0 Allowance £0.10.0
£19 1s 8d
As per Coal Ticket 16s 9½d
1864 March 23. Settled by Thomas Bray
57 Pearl Street, Sheffield, April 2 1864
Debtor To John Bradley
Mason and Builder for Repairing damage done by the late Flood
From Monday March 14th to Saturday the 19th Cleaning Pettys dressing Bricks and building Stone Wall by River Side
To 6 days Work by Mason @ 5/3 £1 11s 6d
To 6 days Work by Bricklayer @ 5/3 £1 11s 6d
To 28 days Work by Labourers @ 4/. £5 12s
To 9 Load of Rubble Stone @ 1/. 9s
To 6 Ton 16 Cwt of Mortar and Leading 6/6 £2 4s
To 1700 Bricks at 2/9 per 100 £2 6s 9d
To 3½ days for Horse and Cart leading Stone and Bricks at 8/6 £1 9s 9d
From Monday 21st March to Saturday 26th March building Pettys by Water Side, the same at end of Yard Wall round reservoir. Building other Brick Work fire place etc. Filling Carts and throwing Rubbish in River
To 6 days Work by Mason @ 5/3 £1 11s 6d
To 7½ days Work by Bricklayer at 5/6 £3 10s 10d
To 81 days Work by Labourers at @ 4/. £16 4s
3½ Tons of Mortar and leading at 6/6 £1 2s 9d
To 4 Yards of Flags at 2/6 per Yard 10s
From Monday 28th March to Saturday April 2nd Cleaning Rubbish in River, opening Sough blocked up by Rubbish and building Stone Wall to the Cart Road, repairing Chimney Flues
To 6 days Work by Mason at 5/3 £1 11s 6d
To 18½ days Work by Labourers at 4/. £3 14s
To Cleaning Boiler Flues £1 15s
To Grate for Channel 3s
To ½ ton of Mortar and Leading @ 6/6 3s 3d
17 Watson’s Walk, Sheffield, April 2/64
The Union Grinding Wheel Company
Bought of Thomas Cocking
1864 March 19 To Mens time repairing damages done by the Inundation replacing Race Boards Drumboards, Partitions, replacing Door etc. 18¼ days at 5/. £4 11s 3d
168 feet of 1 inch Pine Boards at 3½d per foot £2 14s 10d
32 lbs Nails at 3d 8s
Oil for Hinges Locks etc. 4d
1 Strong Lock and 4 Keys 4s 6d
21 feet of 4½ x 3 inch Scantling at 3d 5s 3d
21 feet of 3 x 3 inch Scantling at 2d 3s 6d
3. 10 Inch Stock Locks 2/4 each 7s
6 Latches 4d each 2s
6 Catches 3d each 1s 6d
6 Carry Latches 2d each 1s
6 Strong Suffolk Handles with Latches Catches and Carry Latches 9d 4s 6d
1 Strong Lock and 3 Keys 3s
3 dozen 3 inch Screws @ 5d 1s 3d
1 gross 1 inch Screws 2s
8 ft of 3½ x 2½ Scantling at 2½d 1s 8d
6 ft of ½ inch in deal at 2d 1s
25 ft 4 x 3 Scantling at 3d 6s 3d
25 ft 3 x 3 Scantling Best Red @ 2½ 5s 2½d
23[rd] 55 ft of 1 inch x 7 Planed and Grooved Boards for partition in Engine House at 1½ 6s 10½d
40. 12 ft x 1 inch Pine Boards for Race Boards 480 feet at 3½d per foot £7
24 feet of ½ inch Pine Boards at 2d 4s
1 Brass Lock for Office 1s 6d
6 Square Trough Bolts at 8d 4s
27[th] 168 feet of 1 in Pine at 3½d £2 9s
2. 10 inch Locks and 2 Keys each 3/4 each 6s 8d
6 Strong Lock Staples 3d 1s 6d
6 Strong Door Catches 2s
2 Locks repairing 1/. Each 2s
2 Keys fitting to 2 Tumbler Locks 1/6 each 3s
1 door handle repairing 4d
1 New Thumb bit 2d
24 ft of 3½ x 2½ Scantling @ 2½d 5s
22 ft of 3 x 1 deal @ 1½d 2s 9d
18. 1½ inch Screws @ 3d 4½d
28[th] 2. 10 inch Stock Locks @ 2/4 4s 8d
2. Extra Keys fitting to Stock Locks @ 1/6 3s
17 New Keys fitting to Various Locks, Locks Cleaning and Repairing 1/2 each 19s 10d
216 feet of 1 inch Pine for Race boards @ 3½ £3 3s
4 lb Nails @ 3d 1s
56 feet of 1½ inch pine for Drum Boards 4½d £1 1s
84 feet of 1 inch deal for Side Races @ 3d £1 1s
84 feet of 1 inch in Pine @ 3½d Race Boards £1 4s 6d
Iron Strap to support Wheel Rocks 3s
April 2 To Mens time 10¼ days at 5/. £2 11s 3d
72 feet of 1 inch pine for Race Boards 3½d £1 1s
36½ feet of 7 x 1 inch Best Red Deal Planed and Grooved for replacing Ash hole door and Battens at 2d 6s 1d
1 Pair of Strong Band Hinges and 2 Bolts 2s 2d
1 Catch and Carry Latch 5d
1 dozen Strong 2 inch Screws 3d
60. 2½ inch Gate Nails 5d
6. Spout Irons @ 5d 2s 6d
1. 9 inch Wood Lock 2s
24 feet of ¾ x 11 Pine at 2½d 5s
1 dozen 2½ inch Screws 11d
lb 2 inch Nails @ 3d 4½d
Oil 3d
Settled by Cash £34.8.0
dis £0.0.3
The Union Grinding Wheel Company
To Walker Eaton & Co.
1864 March 31 To Repairing Gudgeon and turning and fitting Gudgeon £1 4s 3d
To Men at premises 15 hours 7/. 10s 6d
April 12 to 17 To 4 Men at the premises Gearing Mortice Wheel 332½ hours @ 6/. £9 13s 6d
Entered in General Account
The Union Grinding Wheel
To T. Bray
1864 April 12 To ¾ days at 18 ft Wheel at 6/. 4s 6d
13[th] To 1½ days at 18 ft Wheel at 6/. 9s
14[th] To 1½ days at 18 ft Wheel at 6/. 9s
15[th] To 1½ days at 18 ft Wheel at 6/. 9s
16[th] To 1½ days at 18 ft Wheel at 6/. 9s
17[th] To 1 day at 18 ft Wheel at 6/. 6s
To Son 7 days at 3/. £1 1s
1 George Yates 3s 3d
George Hague 5s
John Drabble 6s 6d
2 Thomas Mawhood 8s 1d
William Hyde 3s 3d
Edward Green 3s 3d
Eli Ellis 3s 3d
3 Mary Braithwaite 6s 6d
Joseph Littlewood 4s 10½d
Charles Littlewood 4s 10½d
4 Joseph Hoyle 14s 8d
Caroline Haywood 3s 8d
5 Spencer & Sons £1 10s
6 Samuel Hibbert 11s
William Harrison 9s
Joseph Hoyle 9s 6d
7 Samuel Hirst 8s 1d
8 Sorby & Sons £1 10s
9 Samuel Bray 6s 6d
9a William Bradshaw 9s
Richard Groves & Sons 5s 6d
10 Francis Scaife 8s 1d
William Morton 6s 6d
Thomas Ward 3s 3d
11 Thomas Robinson 3s
George Robinson 3s 3d
William Kent 3s 3d
Jarvis Thorpe 3s 3d
Henry Briggs 6s 6d
12 Joseph Hodgson £1 5s
13 Frederick Dewsnap 6s 6d
James Varley 3s 3d
Aaron Wilson 3s 3d
Samuel Sharpe 6s 6d
14 Ralph Renshaw 19s 6d
Jonathan Bragg 9s
15 Jonathan Ward 8s 1d
Edwin Bower 3s 3d
John Wragg 6s
16 William Outram 11s
Thomas Eyre 15s
17 Thomas Matkin 7s 9d
18 Alfred Hukin 10s
Groves & Son 15s
John Booth 14s
John Parkin 5s 6d
19 James Pickford 8s 8d
James Wood 4s
Thomas Greaves 6s 6d
20 Edward Godley 8s 6d
James Cooper 4s
Joseph Parkin 10s
21 Twiton Brothers £1 10s
22 Samuel Spooner 6s 6d
Christopher Bray 5s
William Webster 6s 6d
Chamber Servants
1 Henry Hall 3s 3d
Elijah Hall 3s 3d
Joseph Nicholls 5s
William Cooke 5s
Richard Bamforth 3s 3d
2 William Nelson 9s
3 John Green 3s 6d
John Moor 3s 6d
4 Thomas Bray 6s 6d
5 Joseph Rogers & Son 16s 2d
6 George Hodgson 3s 3d
James Crapper 3s 3d
Joel & Spencer 6s
George Williams 8s
William Platts 8s 1d
7 Alfred Skinner 11s 3d
Thomas Walker 3s 3d
8 James Oldfield 3s 3d
John Grub 4s 6d
Andrew Badger 3s 3d
9 Thomas Jackson 5s
George Colly 3s 3d
John Newton 5s
John Jackson 3s 3d
10 Charles Eyre 6s 3d
Benjamin Burgin 3s 3d
Charles Rollinson 3s 3d
George Steel 3s 3d
11 Abraham Booth 6s
Richard Broadhead 3s 3d
12 John Milner 3s 3d
George Newton 6s
13 Joseph Parrott
William Platts 8s 1d
14 Charles Hall 6s 6d
15 James Morton 9s
Jonathan Wells 3s 3d
16 John Hartley 11s
Joseph Redfern 3s 3d
17 John Parkin 6s 6d
John Middleton 6s 6d
18 Duckenfield & Dyson 6s 6d
Charles Hollingworth 3s 3d
Daniel Gledhill 3s 3d
19 John Wright 6s
20 John Platts 6s 6d
21 Frederick Hemmings 7s 6d
22 Samuel Deakin 6s 6d
23 Samuel Tyas 8s 1d
24 William Holmshaw 8s 1d
Alfred Nelson 3s 3d
Samuel Barker 3s 3d
25 William Smith 3s 3d
John Walker 5s
John Holmshaw 3s 3d
Henry Bray 3s 3d
John Pearson 3s 3d
Henry Champion 3s 3d
26 Joseph Moor 9s
William Saddler 6s 6d
Damages repaired and Valuation of Damages caused by the Flood at rhe Union Grinding Wheel March 12 1864
Money Paid
1864 March 15 A Barrow 7s
Coals 17s 3d
Wages 4 Men 1 day £1
A. Nelson, Labourer 6s
19[th] Bower, Carter, 4 days, removing Rubbish @ 8/. £1 12s
Hulme, Carter, 4 days, removing Rubbish @ 8/. £1 12s
Waite, Carter 4 days, removing Rubbish @ 8/. £1 12s
Raines, Carter 5 days, removing Rubbish @ 8/. £2
Vause, Carter, 5 days, removing Rubbish @ 8/. £2
Allowance 5s
Engine Man Assisting and Men £3 16s
Jordan, Carter leading £1 3s
Nicholls, 2 days labor 7s
Champion, 2 days labor 7s
Holmes, Carter labour 4 days at 8/. £1 12s
Allowance 3s 4d
26[th] Raines, Carter removing Rubbish 6 days at 8/. £2 8s
Waite, Carter removing Rubbish 6 days at 8/. £2 8s
Vause, Carter removing Rubbish 6 days at 8/. £2 8s
Money Paid for Labour by Thomas Bray see Bill 19.18.5½
April 8 Bradley, Mason, repairs brick work 45.9.6
Cocking, Joiner repairing wood work etc. 34.8.3
Pearson 2 days Labour 7s
J. Hoyle 4 days Labour 16s
25[th] Walker Eaton & Co. Men for Cogging See Bill 11.8.3
Allowance to Men £1
Wadsworths Bill £1 18s
Wadsworths Bill £1 5s
Thomas Brays Bill 3.7.6
139 Cogs at 1/3 used in the 18 ft Wheel £8 13s 3d
Thomas Bray for Cogging 13s 6d
March 12 to 19 For 1 Weeks loss of Rent as per Book See Book 39.17.1
Cog Wood Washed away 300 ft x 10d £15
A lot of Deal Planks and Boards £6
April 12 1 Weeks loss of Rents on account of the Cogs Stiffening. See Book £39 17s 1d
T. J. Cocking for Superintending Repairs £10
From No. 1 to No. 22 Hull Containing 83 Drums damaged at 5/. Per Drum £20 15s
32 upright bands damaged at 5/. Each £8
Rubbish on the River removing as Wheeled out of Grinding Wheel 15 yards x 5 yards x 2 yards = 150 yards at 6d per yard £3 15s
Rubbish removing 5 yards x 3 yards x 1 yard = 15 yards, Rubbish removing 9 yards x 3 x 2 = 54 yards = 69 at 6d £1 14s 6d
Corner of Brick down 9 yards at 5/. Per yard £2 5s
Circular Brick house 7 ft 8 inches diameter 23 feet by 8 feet high 10 inches Wall 20¼ yards at 5/. £5 1s 3d
1 Door and Frame to the same 6 feet by 3 feet 13s
Smiths Shop
2 Pair of Bellows damaged £1 10s
Damage to Smiths Tools £2
Boiler House
3 Boilers damaged £6
Culvert from Engine House to Main Sewer 24 yards long 6 feet deep, taking up and putting down at 5/. Per lineal yard £6
Flagging over the Boiler relaying 5 yards x 10 yards = 50 yards at 1/. Per yard £2 10s
Engine House
1 Spur Wheel 170 Wood Cogs 16 Inch Broad @ 1/. £8 10s
1 Spur Wheel 10 feet Mortice Wheel 152 Wood Cogs 16 Inch at 1/. £7 12s
1 Spur Wheel 6 feet Mortice Wheel 66 Wood Cogs 10 Inch broad broken when they had worked a short time £9 18s
Sough from Engine House to the River taking up and Cleaning out 24 yards at 3/. Per yard £3 12s
George Hawksleys Charge for Valuing £4 4s
Interest on £360.2 .2½ at 5 per cent (6 months) £9
£369 2s 1½d

I’m planning on consolidating this information and creating a somewhat comprehensive picture of various Sheffield makers.

Now we need to delve into the locations. From the first claim we know of two primary business locations: Wisewood Works and Bridge Street Works.

[map overview of two locations over Sheffield]

As can be seen in the map above, the Wiswood works were located well outside of central Sheffield along the __ river. The works consisted of two Seperate buildings, the Wisewood Forge and Rolling Mills.

The other location

Wisewood works