Buy, Sell & Trade

The internet has fueled the exchange of tools. While the tradition of wandering around a foggy parking lot at 4am with flashlight in hand is still strong, so is the rush to submit an “I want that!” email to the digital dealers. Time and tools march on.

Currently I sell and buy tools through my dusty little corner of the web. I’ll always consider trades on my for sale items. I have some notions on the side burner for public trading pages, but my to-do list on this site is quite lengthy at the moment which precludes developing those notions.

For Sale

See my Inventory. This consists of posts I’ve made with tools for sale. Be sure to check all of them unless the title states: “Sold Out”. For the time being my lists come out haphazardly. If you’d like to keep up-to-date with these lists and my blog posts, you can follow my RSS feed.


Realizing such a list would become ungainly it resides on the Wanted List page.