I’ll try to keep these organized and up-to-date. However, nagging me to fix them will get it done faster. There are a number of redundancies amongst the links where a site contains pages relevant to more than one category, ie Galoot & Dealer.

**Also under construction, this is 1/4 of my bookmarks**

Galoots: In alphabetical order by first name when known. Why? I don’t know either, but it’s my links page.

The Electronic Neanderthal (Allan Fisher)

Brent Beach

Brian’s Basement

Bob Kaune

BugBear’s Web Presence

Woodworking by Cian

Virginia Toolworks (Bryant Rice)

The Infill Plane Showcase (Cameron Miller)

Charlie Beldon

Record Handplanes (David Lynch)

El Taller Dominical (En Español)

Toolmera Press Blog (Gary Roberts)

George’s Basement (George Langford)

OldToolUser (Gordon Lewis Muster II)

Hans Brunner

HOLZBEARBEITUNG MIT HANDWERKZEUGEN [German -Woodworking with Hand Tools] (Wolfgang Jordan)

Hyper Kitten (Joshua Clark)

Jeff Gorman – A Woodwork Notebook

Jim Davey Planes & Sharpening

Rex Mill (Johnny Kleso)

Ken Greenberg’s Woodworking

Ken Vaughn’s Workshop

Saw Set Collector’s Resource (Mark Conley)

Mark Lovett Wells

Mark van Roojen’s Woodworking Page

The Monastery

Musings from Big Pink (Matt Bickford)

Nichael Cramer

Patrick Leach

PoppaJohn’s Dustbin

Mortise & Tenon (Paul R. Morin)

Pearce Woodworking  (Has long list of Galoot’s pages)

Peter McBride

Peter Robinson’s Galoot Pages

Vintage Saws (Pete Taran)

Randy Roeder (Old Tool Heaven)

Richard Arnold Traditional Joinery

Old Woodworking Planes (Richard Arnold)

Richard D. Dickerson (Makers of Middletown, CT)

WoodButcher’s Shop (Rod Peterson)

Sam Rogers

Sydnas Sloot (Sanford Moss)

Tool Trip (Stan Faullin)

The Clamp Guy

The Galoot’s Progress (Tom Price)

Alte-Beitel [German - Old Chisels] (Ulrich Affolderbach)

Wade’s Woodworking Website

Wiktor Kuc Fine Tools


Tool Enthusiast Sites:

Galoot Central

Handplane Central

Old Tool Photos

Old Woodworking Machines (Now Vintage Machinery)

Old Woodworking Machines (Forum)


WK Finetools

Tool Research & Ephemera:

Rose Antique Tools

The Superior Works: Patrick’s Blood & Gore

Tool Technique & Advice:

Project Ideas & Plans:

Woodworking Suppliers/Retail:


Ganahl Lumber