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Two weeks haul

T. Conroy mentioned a number of items I picked up at Alameda during the first weekend of the month, so I thought I’d follow the “it didn’t happen without pictures” rule. I tossed into the mix some findings from last weekends fleas. In the back is a Spear & Jackson. This one is in user-condition. […]

Building the Paul Sellers Workbench – Day 2

As the rain had stopped me before gluing up on Day 1, my goal was to get a lamination finished. Since my stock was still uneven, I went through each board with a straight-edge and jointed them with a No. 5. I hadn’t been very careful when I first smoothed the faces of the boards, […]

Meeting a fellow Galoot

This is the first of several entries from my Pacific Coast road trip. Making rapid U-turns in small towns to investigate an antique store is common-place in my life. I’m at the point where I don’t even think, “I wonder if they have anything”, I just go in. At the very least, there is always […]

Rays of Old Tool Heaven

As I was slipping into a old tools slump, I began to wonder: “Is Southern California OT hell?”. The 100°+ heat last week certainly didn’t help. While our local tool meet yielded interesting specimens and many tools finding new homes, the wild was drying up—much like the shrubbery. Today was set apart. At 6:20a the […]

Servicing a No. 921 Brace Ratchet

One of my recent flea market finds, a Stanley No. 921 10in-Y brace, needed some fettling. The ratchet checked out fine before I bought it. So did the jaws, I love the expression on people’s faces when you take two whole minutes to unscrew the chuck, check the jaws and put it back. When I […]