Elna – Elnasuper 62C sewing machine manual

I was looking for one of these online and found little. Luckily I had access to a print copy so I made a color scan. Please download by right clicking the link and choosing “Save Link As”. Elna Elnasuper 62c manual.

I also found a service manual for the next years’ model (SU) here: (http://sawback.com/62C/). It should be helpful when working on an elnasuper 62c but certain parts and part numbers may vary. If you need any mountaineering guidance in western Canada be sure to ┬ácheck these guys’ main site: (http://sawback.com/).


  • Rita Deerfoot wrote:

    I have had this machine for 45 years and have moved it all over the country. In the last move to here I somehow misplaced the manual and have been looking for it for several years. So glad to have found it here. It looks just like mine did(old and well used). Thank you so much for having this available when I have needed it most.
    Rita D

  • Just a note: there is an error in the PDF on page 9, in the section where it describes threading the machine. Some text is missing from a rectangular section titled “Threading the upper thread”. It makes that section somewhat confusing to read. The illustrations still show (as clearly as the original) how to thread. I didn’t notice any other errors in the PDF.

    Glad you found it useful! I scanned this from a relative’s machine that was also purchased new. We have three in our family now. The only thing I’ve ever seen go wrong with one is that the needle position dial can get rusted and be difficult to adjust (it just needs oil and a lot of patience to get it to move).

  • Denise Roberts wrote:

    THANK YOU!!!!! I have had my machine for 45 years and just now am sewing again after years…..COULD NOT find my manual…..now that you have printed this here, I know what I am looking for but in the meantime, a huge thank you for giving me the next best thing….a copy!!!!

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